On Saturday 19/08/2023, the Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) at Monash University had fun AND also extended a helping hand to the disadvantaged people in Vietnam with a charity sports day.

The Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) at Monash University is a vibrant social club with a strong community spirit.  Many club members have volunteered to teach English to disadvantaged high school students in Central Vietnam. This has been done in collaboration with Vietnam Foundation (Australia) and is continuing.
VNF is a charity organization registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission. 

On Saturday 19/08/2023, the Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) at Monash University took the initiative to organize a charity volleyball day at the Monash Sports Centre in Clayton, Victoria. The proceeds were donated to Vietnam Foundation (VNF) to empower the disadvantaged people in Vietnam to break out of the cycle of poverty. 
The VSA sports event was sold out.  Three volleyball courts were filled with players and spectators.  The volleyball players were enthusiastic and energetic. The skills were variable, from excellent to (let’s be charitable here 😀) passable.  The main goals, however, are fun and helping the poor.  
The VSA is to be congratulated on the successful charity sports day. The VSA management committee has done an outstanding job of organizing the event.  They will no doubt become leaders in their chosen fields in the future.

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