VNF Water Vats Appeal 2024

Dear Friends, Members and Supporters, 

Re: VNF 2024 Water Vats Appeal

Thank you very much for your ongoing and generous support of our aid programs in the last 27 years to the people living in the poor remote areas of Vietnam.

One of the biggest problems for many remote areas of Vietnam is the lack of clean water for basic daily use such as drinking, cooking, washing, and personal hygiene. One such typical area is around Highway 80 and Rach Gia Bay, Kien Giang province where people live in extreme poverty and harsh conditions, with practically no clean water. This is one of the biggest causes of preventable diseases and very poor health in the area. Some of us have witnessed first hands on our trip to the area in 2022 and again in February this year.

Vietnam Foundation has been partnering with the local Red Cross to source and distribute 1,200 concrete 1000-litre vats to the people in this area since 2019. The vats were used to collect rainwater during rainy seasons and used throughout the years. In some households, the vats are the most precious asset and are heavily guarded. This is a highly practical program to improve access to clean water and improve basic sanitation for the local people at a low cost. People are less likely to get sick so they can work more hours to earn income.

Now in the 5th year of the program, we wish to provide another 300 vats to this area before the rainy season starts in June this year at the cost of AUD17,000. This would cover the cost of manufacturing, transport, and delivery to 300 families in Mỹ Phước Commune, Hòn Đất District, Kiên Giang Province.

Once again we are seeking your help for the people of Kiên Giang province.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible in Australia, and Vietnam Foundation is entirely run by volunteers with minimal overhead costs. The donation has been used solely on all of VNF’s charity programs including this water vat program.

Thank you for your continuing generous support for this worthwhile program over the past 4 years. We hope you will consider supporting us again this year and make a positive impact on the lives of the poverty stricken people in Hòn Đất District, Kiên Giang Province.

For more information on this program and to make a donation, visit our Environmental Sustainability Program page.

We’ve also created a video about our Water Vats program in Vietnam. Watch it now on YouTube.

Yours sincerely,

Ly Gia Nhan

President – Vietnam Foundation