‘Village Chance’ is a new project undertaken by Maison Chance, an organisation founded by the extraordinary Swiss painter Tim Aline Rebeaud.

Visiting Vietnam as a tourist in 1992, Tim was so moved by the plight of the street children that the young artist returned the following year to help these children. With the support of her family, friends, and the proceeds from her own paintings, Tim, at the age of 19, set up Maison Chance and secure a place to house and care for the disabled and homeless children.

From its humble beginning, thanks to Tim’s dedication, Maison Chance today is home to 50 orphans and disabled persons. It also provides free general education, vocational training and health care for these residents and about 200 poor children living in the neighbourhood.

WebClassroomWebITClassDisabled but skilled adult residents help procuring income for the organistion by producing paintings, soft toys, IT services, etc.

WebSewing1 WebPainter

Village Chance’ is a larger version of Maison Chance. It is built on a 3,513 square metres plot of land in Bình Tân district in HCMC and consists of 40 residential units providing accommodation for about 125 disabled persons, a school for 180 students, sports facilities, physiotherapy facilities, medical centre, canteen, dining room, etc.

The foundation stone for the village was laid in October 2009. It was completed and officially opened on 20 January 2011. The total cost of the project was about USD 1.2M.

WebFrontviewWebView1Vietnam Foundation lent Maison Chance a helping hand by sponsoring, in September 2008, Tim’s visit to Australia. The Foundation organised its own fund-raising dinner in Sydney and took Tim to visit various community groups in Sydney and other cities, who in turns also held many other fund-raising functions for the project.

WebTim056Almost AUD 235,000 was raised from donors in Australia during Tim’s visit, including AUD 35,829 contribution from the Foundation.


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