Son Thuan bridge had been a dream for the people of Son Phu village until now. The precarious foot bridge, consisting of a small tree trunk, two long narrow planks and a thinner branch to hold on, was the only connection the people of Son Thuan hamlet had to the outside world. Children had to pass this bridge to school everyday, adults and especially the elderly had tremendous difficulties navigating this treacherous route. Many accidents with tragic consequences have resulted.

Today we announced the completion of the new Son Thuan bridge, bringing to an end the long suffering of Son Phu village. Son Thuan bridge has been completed with the help of Vietnam Foundation and a local charity group Dong Tam of Phap Van Temple. Total monetary cost was VND 170 million (approx AUD 7,100) with VND 110 million from Vietnam Foundation and the rest from funds raised from local public by Dong Tam charity.

The bridge building started on 15/07/2019 and finished on 17/08/2019. It was built in record time thanks to the contribution of local people and students from Phap Van Temple. At the opening ceremony, the gratitude from the overwhelmed local residents was a gentle reaffirmation of Vietnam Foundation effort.

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