School & Orphanage Building Program

We upgrade existing dilapidated and unsafe schools and build new ones in disadvantaged communities and villages in remote rural areas of Vietnam. New or renovated schools include new classrooms, toilets facilities and safe playground.

We engage and empower local communities by encouraging their participation at grassroot level, such as donating land, contributing manpower or making classroom furniture.

Hương Sen Kindergarten, Phụng Hiệp District, Hậu Giang Province

VNF partnered with the local District Red Cross and the local community to construct a new Kindergarten for 60 children in Phụng Hiệp District in a poor rural remote area, to replace dilapidated and unsafe facilities.

Local community donated land, and contributed 300 labour-days for construction-related activities and work.

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Tô Hiệu Primary School, Tuy Đức District, Dak Nong Province

VNF partnered with Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper and the local community to fund and project manage the construction of a 3-classroom Primary school in Dak Ngo Community, a poor and underprivileged rural remote area with 80% H’Mong Ethnic population.

The school’s 3 new large classrooms and toilets facilities catered for 198 primary school students. Local Community participated at grassroots level by donating 2000 m2 of land, man-power to clear the site and site levelling, and locally made classrooms furniture.

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Phong Mỹ Kindergarten, Cao Lãnh District, Đồng Tháp Province

The primitive timber and corrugated metal roof kindergarten for 40 young children was demolished and replaced with a new brick building funded by Vietnam Foundation, complete with  toilet and shower facilities supplied with water pumped from the nearby river. The new facility now caters for the educational and developmental needs of 60 children.

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Mái Ấm Tình Thương (Home of Love) Orphanage, Lagi, Bình Thuận Province

Vietnam Foundation provided part-funding to build an extension to the over-crowded facilities of Mái Ấm Tình Thương (Home of Love) Orphanage in Lagi, Bình Thuận Province. The new facility is capable of accommodating 150 orphans as well as providing food and dispensing medicines to support up to 300 disabled persons and local people affected by Agent Orange.

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Mái Ấm Hồng Ân (Home of Grace) Orphanage

Vietnam Foundation provided funding for a number of facility upgrades and innovative Environmental measures to improve the living condition for children and staff at Home of Grace Orphanage in Tây Ninh. The Orphanage, which was started by a disabled Charity worker, caters for 30 children, aged from a few months to 16 years old, some of them severely disabled. Facility upgrades and Environmental initiatives included:

  • Renovation of the living, sleeping and studying areas, providing them with ceiling fans, book shelves, beds, beddings and mosquito nets.
  • Acquiring 20 piglets for a new piggery to provide a source of food and income for the orphanage
  • Install a Biogas system. utilising wastes from the pigs as fuel to provide a source of free, clean energy for cooking, resulting in a saving of VND 10 Million from the orphanage’s annual fuel bill of VND 18 Million
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Your donation has the potential to change the lives of many. With your help we can provide access to education, infrastructure and clean water, things that many take for granted but that are not easily available to many communities in Vietnam.