Environmental Sustainability Program

Vietnam Foundation’s Environmental Sustainability program is dedicated to enhancing access to clean water and improving basic sanitation in remote regions of Vietnam.

Additionally, the foundation advances environmental sustainability in rural Vietnam by implementing Photo-Voltaic solar power systems in health centres and schools within communities lacking access to the power grid. This initiative is a collaborative effort between Australian businesses, local partners, and Vietnam Foundation.

Rain Water Harvesting Program

In many remote rural regions of Vietnam, the scarcity of clean water hampers essential daily activities like drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene. This scarcity significantly contributes to poor health and preventable diseases within these communities.

Our program’s current focus is on manufacturing and distributing rainwater harvesting vats in the climate-affected coastal areas of the Mekong Delta. Due to encroaching seawater and soil composition challenges, these areas rely primarily on rainwater or filtration for safe drinking water.

Vietnam Foundation collaborates with the local Red Cross. The vats are produced by a local contractor, effectively reducing fabrication and delivery costs.

The program’s funding primarily relies on public donations, with significant support provided by Nelumbo Trust, Australia.


The water vat project was launched to assist impoverished families in gathering water during the rainy season for use throughout dry periods.

Since 2019, Vietnam Foundation has annually funded the fabrication and distribution of 300 vats, totaling over 1500 vats distributed by the Red Cross Kieng Giang, our local partner.

Each vat, holding a capacity of 1000 litres, costs approximately $AUD 60 for fabrication and delivery to a family.

Completed sustainability project: Solar PV Systems Program

In Long An Province’s Bình Hòa Nam village, access to healthcare was limited to a single Health Centre offering essential medical services, including emergency treatment and childbirth assistance.

Connection to reliable electricity hindered the healthcare services due to the village’s lack of connection to the electric grid. Vietnam Foundation collaborated with BP Solar (Australia) and local technicians to implement a solar PV electric system. This system includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, and basic lighting and power provisions for critical areas such as the examination room, birth delivery room, patients’ room, and staff office.

Discover how you can help today

Donate: A donation of $60 ensures sustained access to safe drinking water for one family. Should you be able to make a regular contribution, a monthly contribution of $100 to positively impact 24 families annually, while also supporting rainwater harvesting in remote rural areas of Vietnam.

Spread the word: Help us raise awareness about Vietnam Foundation’s Environmental Sustainability Program and the impact that access to clean water can make. Make an impact on the lives of impoverished Vietnamese villages by sharing this page with your friends and family.