Build a Future Educational Scholarship Program

The Build a Future Program by the Vietnam Foundation extends scholarships to underprivileged school students in Vietnam, offering financial and educational support to their families. This initiative aims to alleviate the pressure on these families, enabling them to prioritise their child’s education without relying on their child’s employment to sustain household income.

Operating on an annual basis, the Build a Future program granted inaugural scholarships to 110 primary and high school students during the 2022-23 academic year. In addition to the scholarship, for two high schools in central Vietnam selected recipients are invited to participate in the Vietnam Foundation’s innovative English language tutoring program and summer camp. These additional opportunities empower students by enhancing their English proficiency and equipping them with skills essential for success in the global workforce.

The scholarship is designed to enable students to remain in school and eventually achieve university entry; the support program is designed to internationalise their study experience. The goal of the program is to circuit break generational poverty and create talent demanded by employers.

English language tutoring program

Scholarship recipients are provided with access to weekly online English language tutoring sessions, facilitated by native English-speaking volunteers from both Australia and Vietnam. The program is modelled on the highly successful Australian Adult Migration Education Services’ (AMES) Home Tutor scheme. The purpose of the English language tutoring program is to assist participants to:

  • improve their listening and speaking skills through engaging practice activities pitched at an appropriate level
  • Support the participants’ current English language subject through access to native English speakers
  • enhance their confidence and international experience.

English Language Summer Camp

In addition to their weekly extension sessions, scholarships recipients are funded to attend a three-day Summer Camp for face to face language immersion activities. These camps provide a full immersion into English communication alongside young native speakers. The Camp is fun experience including movie making and discussion activities all in English, along with plenty of social activities.