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We have helped build another new bridge in Xà Phiên village, Long Mỹ district, Hậu Giang province. It is called ‘Kênh Cùng’ bridge, in hamlet 2, and is approximately 5 km from the ‘Đê Ngăn Mặn’ bridge that we helped rebuild previously.

The original old concrete bridge collapsed many years ago. The locals used bits of timber and bamboo trunks to construct a makeshift monkey bridge so that the children could go to the nearby schools.

Existing bridge

The new bridge, replacing the old bridge, is 30 m long, 3 m wide and with 5 Ton capacity. It was also designed by NEMO Construction Consultant in Vietnam, who has been providing us with pro bono bridge design services.

Design drawing for the new bridge

To allow easy passage of rice barges, the new bridge is a bit higher than the old bridge.

The total cost of the bridge was VND 158 million, of which Vietnam Foundation contributed VND 110 million (approximately AUD 6,600), the local authorities and people the remainder.

To allow proper alignment of the new bridge with the existing road, a local peasant donated some land for use in the approach to the bridge.

Construction work started straight after the ground-breaking ceremony on 17 November 2018.

Prof HC Hoài and Ms N N Mai at the ground-breaking ceremony

The new bridge under construction

The new bridge was completed and opened for traffic on 6 January 2019.

Present at the ceremony were many joyful locals, our representatives, Prof. Huỳnh Công Hoài and Ms Nguyễn Thị Huyền Trân, as well as Ms Nguyễn Ngọc Mai representing the Đồng Tâm Charity Group, which managed the bridge construction, and Mr Nguyễn Văn Vương, the engineer who designed the new bridge, representing NEMO Construction Consultant.

Many locals were so happy to have a new bridge that they brought along home-made food to celebrate the bridge opening and also approached our representatives to say thank you.


The new Kênh Cùng bridge


We helped build a new bridge to replace an old, rickety timber bridge in Hậu Giang province. Known by the locals as ‘Cầu Đê ngăn mặn’, it is located at Hamlet 7, Xà Phiên village, Long Mỹ district, 227 km from Saigon and 65 km from Cần Thơ.

Condition of the old bridge

Approaching road at one end of the bridge

The old bridge was in an appalling condition, presenting a huge danger to all users. In fact, it had caused many serious accidents for the locals, especially children going to the two nearby primary schools and a secondary school.

A very brave bridge user!

The new bridge is of concrete construction, 28m long, 3m wide and with 5 Ton capacity. Total cost amounted to VND 261 Million (about AUD 16,000), of which Vietnam Foundation contributed VND 140 Million, local people and authorities VN 80 Million and the Đồng Tâm Charity group, which managed the construction, VND 41 Million.

Design drawing of the new bridge

Ground breaking ceremony for the construction was held on 12 August 2018.

New bridge under construction

Bridge construction was completed in early October 2018.

The opening ceremony was held on 20 October 2018 with the presence of our representatives in Vietnam, Prof HC Hoài and Ms NT Huyền Trân, representatives of the Đồng Tâm Charity Group, the bridge design engineer and local people. Many local school children were presented with gifts of books and stationery on the occasion.

The new bridge at completion

First official walk across the new bridge. From Left to Right: Mr NV Vương, the bridge designer/engineer, Prof HC Hoài, VNF’s representative, Ms N Ngọc Mai, representative of the Đồng Tâm Charity Group and Ms NT Huyền Trân, VNF’s representative.

Local children, people and representatives of the groups which were involved in the bridge construction celebrating on the new bridge.

The plaque for the new bridge

Letter from Vietnam Foundation President Dr Nhan Ly

2nd of May, 2018

Dear friends,

                                                Recycled Bicycles Project for 2018

Vietnam Foundation’s Recycled Bicycles Project commencing in 2012 has three aims: (i) to provide high-quality, used bicycles to poor and bright school children in Vietnam, (ii) to provide employment to local businesses and (iii) to promote environmental sustainability in Vietnam.

Last year we delivered a total of 400 recycled bicycles:  150 bicycles in Central Vietnam (Quảng Trị – 40 bicycles, Thừa Thiên – 70 bicycles, Quảng Ngải – 40 bicycles) and 250 bicycles in the delta region of southern Vietnam (Trà Vinh – 60 bicycles; Cà Mau – 40 bicycles; Đồng Tháp – 30 bicycles; Hậu Giang – 30 bicycles; An Giang – 30 bicycles; Bạc Liêu – 30 bicycles; Tiền Giang – 30 bicycles).  This project has been managed by a former Scout leader in Hue and Nhom Hanh Trinh Yeu Thuong (Journey of Love Group) in Saigon, these volunteers receive no remuneration for their time and in some instances pay for their own expenses.

Our target this year is also to raise $18,000 to deliver 400 recycled bicycles ($45 for each refurbished bicycle) in central and southern Vietnam where the refurbishment will start in early June 2018 for distribution around the beginning of the school year in September 2018.

We sincerely thank you for your generous support in the past years to make this happening and to bring smiles and hopes to poor school children in Vietnam. We look forward to your support this year for this ongoing project.

Please send your donation to:

    Cheque posted to:     Vietnam Foundation: 137 Lancelot St, Blacktown, NSW

    Bank transfer:          Vietnam Foundation Account No. 900626631
ANZ Bank: BSB 012-226

(Please note new BSB number & quote your name or identification)

    Overseas transfer:    Use the SWIFT/BIC code ANZBAU3M

You are welcome to visit our up-to-date website for more information, including facility to make your donation via PayPal: .

Have a nice day and best regards,

Lý Gia Nhẫn,

President – Vietnam Foundation

Tân Thiết hamlet is part of Tân An district in the city of Long An with a population of 812. The principal business is farming with an estimated average family income of USD500/month. Electricity and town water are yet to be fully provided.  The main forms of transport are motorbikes and canoes. There are no local schools so children must travel to Tan An district everyday, via an old bridge.

The old Tân Thiết bridge was flimsy, narrow  with no handrails and had been damaged in several places. In September 2017, Vietnam Foundation was approached by Đồng Tâm Charity to jointly fund the construction of a new bridge. The total cost was 260 million đồng with a contribution of 100 million đồng (about AUD 6000) from Vietnam Foundation.

Tân Thiết Bridge (also known as Đồng Tâm 92 Bridge) was officially opened on the 28th of January, 2018. Tân Thiết bridge is 35 metres long, 3 metres wide with a maximum capacity of 5 tonnes. The new bridge will facilitate the passing of ambulances, small buses and trucks and provide more safety for young children going to schools.

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