Tánh Linh is a rural remote district of Bình Thuận province. Many roads in the district are very old, in bad condition, with small, narrow, worn-out or unstable wooden bridges. The bridges are therefore not only serious public safety risks but also great impediments to reliable transport and productive economic activities for the local population.

In response to a request for help from Thiện Chí, an NGO based in Bình Thuận, Vietnam Foundation in September 2010 supported the local population to replace 2 small bridges in Bắc Ruộng and Nghị Đức communities by contributing 1/3 of the cost of the bridge replacements.

Old  Nghi Duc Bridge

Old Nghi Đức Bridge

Old Bac Ruong Bridge

Old Bắc Ruộng Bridge

New Nghi Duc Bridge

New Nghị Đức Bridge

New Bac Ruong Bridge

New Bắc Ruộng Bridge

Thiện Chí requested support for further bridge constructions in Tánh Linh and Đức Linh districts. However as the designs and construction standards of the above 2 bridges were not of the high quality expected by the Foundation, we declined further support.

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