New 48m Foot Bridge Enhances Connectivity in Ca Mau Province

June 2024

In a significant development for Ca Mau Province, Vietnam Foundation Australia (VNF) has completed the construction of a 48-meter concrete foot bridge: the Viet Uc 23 bridge in Phong Dien commune, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau, marking a milestone as the longest foot bridge from VNF in the Mekong Delta region. The bridge stands as a testament to the commitment from VNF to replace as many as possible the dangerous Monkey bridges.

Situated in one of Vietnam’s southernmost provinces, Ca Mau, the new foot bridge addresses a critical need for enhanced connectivity in the area. Known for its expansive mangrove forests and rich biodiversity, Ca Mau faces challenges posed by its geographical features, including waterways and marshlands that often isolate communities during the rainy season. The bridge not only provides a reliable crossing point but also promises to improve accessibility and socio-economic opportunities for residents.

In December 2023, the inauguration ceremony was graced by the Australian Consul General, Ms Sarah Hooper, underscored the recognition of VNF as a trusting charity organisation and of its works in assisting the social and economic developments of the local communities.

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