Innovative Learning Portal helping poor students prepare for the global workforce

June 2024

The Vietnam Foundation (VNF) Learning Portalis an exciting online learning platform built to support its Build a Future (BAF) Scholarship Program through an innovative employability and further study skills support package. This initiative has been made possible with the kind support of The Navitas Foundation.

The BAF Program, now in its second year, provides a financial scholarship to poor year 10-12 students at high schools across Vietnam. The complementary Learning Portal provides English language conversational practice, employability and further study skills modules, – enabling greater accessibility and content of higher quality.

“BAF support helps keep poor high school students in school; the Learning Portal adds additional value to their education and internationalises it.”

Nhan Ly, VNF President

VNF received funding from The Navitas Foundation to develop the portal. Similar to portals in Australian tertiary colleges, it contains purpose built and third-party learning resources. In addition, the learning portal facilitates student-to-student and student-to-tutor contact in a controlled environment. The materials include:  interpersonal, innovation and entrepreneurship and employability modules. Students also have the opportunity to apply their skills in real-world application projects, with tutor support, and present their findings at intensive residential camps.  

“Our Learning Portal will facilitate poor students to join the next generation of Vietnamese professionals trained to be stronger bi-lingual, innovative problem solvers.”

Rhys Williams, the VNF board member behind this initiative.

A unique offering, the Learning Portal also provides students with the opportunity to gain confidence in learning using online technology and to internationalise their capabilities.

A complex undertaking, the VNF Learning Portal has been registered in accordance with the requirements of foreign programs operating in Vietnam.

Learning Design Consultancy, Kokoro Bridge were engaged to develop the learning content. “Our instructional designers worked with VNF board members and discipline experts to develop and test a range of learning materials with the output being interactive elearning modules. It has been a great experience for us to be able to contribute to such an impactful project”, said Dr Pathik Mehta – Kokoro Bridge Principal.

Ho Chi Minh City-based IT company MMSoft rounded out the project team, using their expertise to install and customise the Moodle learning management system (LMS) software, the technology behind the platform.

The VNF Learning Portal will be launched to the first cohort of 35 BAF scholarship recipients at   their July Summer camp in Da Nang. The recipients come from years 10-12 in a diverse variety of majors, and will be joined at the camp by BAF alumni who are now studying at university.

Vietnam Foundation’s Learning Portal’s three current courses.
Vietnam Foundation’s Learning Portal’s will be used by students at the upcoming Summer Camp.

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