1st of December 2021,

Dear friends, members and supporters,

Thank you very much for your swift and very generous responses to our Vietnam Covid-19 Relief appeal. We are deeply touched by the overwhelming support of so many generous friends and supporters, with a large number of both individual and corporate donors from all around Australia and overseas, many of whom we have never met or known.

As of today, we have received a total of $73,804 and have provided the following funding amounts to our charity partners in Vietnam:

 1. Chung Tay Vì Cộng Đồng (Volunteer Together As Community) – $55,000

  Providing health-grade PPEs, sanitisers, cleaning agents and basic medication to major makeshift hospitals, supplementary meals for patients, front-line health workers and volunteers in quarantine centres and hospitals, as well as Covid-safe emergency hospital transport for poor Covid patients.

 2. Hành Trình Yêu Thương (The Journey of Love) – $16,000

  Distributing fresh foodstuff, rice, meals, sanitisers, and masks to families hard hit by the Covid lockdown, and Covid-safe emergency transport of Covid patients to and from hospitals.

 3. Cô Nhi Viện Diệu Giác (Diệu Giác Orphanage) – $3,000

  Providing emergency relief funding to support orphans under lockdown at the orphanage.

 This makes a total of $74,000 and our Covid-19 appeal is now officially closed. Any new donations received after this date will be allocated to our general fund for projects in Vietnam.

Thank you for trusting us with your very generous donations and extending a helping hand to the people of Saigon and surrounding areas in their most difficult time.

As this Covid Appeal draws to a successful close, we are now preparing to launch Vietnam Foundation’s exciting and life-changing ‘Build A Future’ scholarship and mentoring program to provide the opportunity for a better and sustainable future for poor and disadvantaged children in Vietnam through the power of education. We will write more to you shortly about this transformative initiative.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours gratefully,

Lý Gia Nhẫn


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