Donations to the Build a Future program close to reaching milestone AU $1m

June 2024

Thanks to the generous donations of members, Vietnam Foundation (VNF) has received AU $900K in donations to the Build a Future Program. VNF aims to raise AU $1M for the program, which will ensure ongoing support to students for years to come.

Launched in 2022, the Build a Future program was created by Vietnamese students who studied in Australia and New Zealand under the Australian and New Zealand Government’s Columbo Plan scholarship. These students, now in their 60s, 70s and 80s, are creating opportunities for the next generation of Vietnamese students and in doing so leaving their legacy.

“For us Columbo Plan Scholars, this is not only about giving back what we received. This gives us the opportunity to build a legacy that lasts, a memorial of our spirit and the CP scholarship program. This will be part of our story, a story we can share with our children, a story we can be proud of.”

– Vu Van Hieu, Columbo Plan class of 1974.

VNF set a milestone goal of $1 million to enable the program to generate its own income through strategic investments. The return from these investments will fund scholarships for students for years to come.

Since the program launched, VNF has awarded 145 scholarships to students, enabling promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their studies rather than having to drop out of school to support their families. 

In addition to financial support, the Build a Future scholarships provide access to English language tutoring and camps aimed at developing their soft and employability skills. From July 2024 students will also have access to a customised Learning Portal to help complement the face-to-face sessions.

“We will continue to raise funds so that more students can be supported. We hope that our children, and our children’s children, will enable us to double our initial investment to support the legacy that we are creating in providing opportunities for children less fortunate than them.”

– Nhan Ly, VNF President.  

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