Make a Donation

Vietnam Foundation is an approved charity under the Overseas Aid Gift Deductibility Scheme (OAGDS) and our VNF Vietnam Relief Fund was granted Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status by the ATO. All donations of $2.00 or more to the Fund by individuals, organisations and Companies in Australia are fully tax-deductible.

You can make a significant difference to the lives of poor and disadvantaged children and communities in Vietnam by making a donation through one of the following methods:

PayPal or Credit Card

A monthly donation is a simple and most effective way to help transform lives in Vietnam. We will issue you with a receipt at the end of each Financial Year for tax deduction purpose.

Please click on the PayPal Giving Fund button below to make a one-off or monthly tax-deductible donation  to VNF Vietnam Relief Fund using PayPal or Credit Card:

PayPal Giving Fund

Direct Bank Transfer

Account Name: VNF Vietnam Relief Fund

Account number: 1155 9666

BSB: 062 334

To help us acknowledge your donation and issue you with a receipt, when making the transfer, please:

By Cheque

Please make cheque payable to ‘VNF Vietnam Relief Fund’ and mail to:

Vietnam Foundation Australia
137 Lancelot Street
Blacktown NSW 2148

To help us acknowledge your donation and issue you with a receipt, when donating by cheque, please download and fill in the Donation Form and post it to us together with the cheque.

Become a Vietnam Foundation Member

Joining Vietnam Foundation as a Member is an exciting and practical way to contribute your time, energy and talents to further our vision and objectives, and to take part in all our celebrations, fund-raising, cultural and social events.

Membership of Vietnam Foundation is open to all individuals (18 years or older) and Corporations who share our vision and wish to support our objectives, projects and operation. All members will receive:

  • Notices of Annual General Meetings
  • Progress reports and general news published by the Foundation.
  • Invitations to participate in all VNF’s fundraising, cultural and social events and activities.

Membership Joining Fee

Membership joining fee is a one-off fee of $50 to cover our administration cost. There are no ongoing annual membership fees. Payment of your membership fee can be made via PayPal or credit card, direct bank transfer or check, as per the details at the top of this page.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Vietnam Foundation please download and fill in a Membership Application Form and email the completed form to us at or post the completed form to us.


Why leave a bequest to Vietnam Foundation?

A bequest to Vietnam Foundation is one of the most powerful and enduring ways you can leave behind your legacy to help the poor and disadvantaged people and communities in Vietnam.

How to leave a bequest to Vietnam Foundation

If you already have a Will but would like to leave a gift to Vietnam Foundation, you can update your Will by a simple addition to your existing Will. Please discuss this with your Solicitor if necessary.

If you do not yet have a Will, you can simply include a bequest to Vietnam Foundation when you write your new Will.

Depending on your circumstances, you can make your bequest to Vietnam Foundation in one of the following ways:

  1. Residuary Bequest: Your bequest to Vietnam Foundation will be a gift of what remains after you have made provisions for your loved ones, or
  2. Percentage Gift: Your bequest to Vietnam Foundation will be a percentage of your estate or of the residue of your estate, or
  3. Pecuniary Bequest or Specific Sum: Your bequest to Vietnam Foundation will be a fixed sum of money.

You may use the following suggested wording  when writing or updating your Will to include a bequest to Vietnam Foundation:

“I give and bequeath to:
Vietnam Foundation Ltd, a Company limited by guarantee,
ABN 60 071 999 838.
Registered Charity Number CFN 15347
137 Lancelot Street
Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia
the residue, or
xx percent of my whole estate, or
xx percent of the residue, or
– the specific sum of $xxxxx
to be used for its general purposes.”

Please let your family and loved ones know that leaving a gift to Vietnam Foundation is important to you, and advise any executors and guardians of your wishes.

Please also let us know once you have left a gift in your Will to Vietnam Foundation, by writing to us at:

Major Donors & Corporate Sponsors

Individuals or Businesses who donate over $2,000 a year to Vietnam Foundation are gratefully acknowledged as our Major Donors or Corporate Sponsors. Their generous on-going donation and support  help further our work to alleviate poverty in remote rural areas in Vietnam. For Businesses, this is a great way to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility goal, and to raise your Corporate profile and increase your brand recognition.

Major donors and Corporate Sponsors can elect to sponsor our work in general, or one of our Development & Aid Programs which is aligned with your core values, mission, or products and services.

Corporate Sponsors’ logo with link to their website will be displayed on our website.

Major donors and Corporate Sponsors will receive our Newsletters as well as invitation and tickets to our fund-raising, cultural and social events and functions.

Make a difference

Your donation has the potential to change the lives of many. With your help we can provide access to education, infrastructure and clean water, things that many take for granted but that are not easily available to many communities in Vietnam.