8th of October, 2021

Dear friends, members and supporters,

Update on VNF Vietnam Covid-19 Relief Appeal

It has been a tough time for every one of us. We hope that you and your families are safe and well during the pandemic.

Thank you very much for your swift and very generous support for our recent Vietnam Covid-19 Appeal. We are deeply touched by the overwhelming response of so many generous friends and donors from Australia and abroad, many of whom we have never met or known. 

As at the time of this letter, we have received $49,679 from 115 donors as direct responses to our Vietnam Covid-19 Relief Appeal.

In addition to the above heart-warming result, we have also received contributions from the following Facebook Covid-19 Fundraisers:

– Concert For Saigon Covid FB Fundraiser by Ann Phan, her talented children and their friends: $5,832 from 47 donors.

– Young supporter Mai Ngọc Châu’s (USA) Birthday Covid Fundraiser for VNF: $387.

– Our own VNF FB Fundraiser: $7,544 from 61 donors.

This makes a total of $63,422 so far for our Vietnam Covid-19 Appeal, a fantastic result.

We have sent your donations in 4 separate transfers to our two major charity partners in Vietnamfor their Covid relief works totalling: $45,000 to Chung Tay Vì Cộng Đồng (Volunteer Together As Community) and $15,000 to Hành Trình Yêu Thương (The Journey of Love). In addition, we have also sent $3,000 to Diệu Giác Orphanage in Saigon to help the orphans through the Covid crisis.

Our charity partners have been working tirelessly to provide much needed health-grade PPEs, sanitisers, medical equipment, basic medication and meals to the patients, front-line health workers and volunteers in quarantine centres and hospitals, as well as free meals, food and Covid-safe emergency hospital transport to poor people hard hit economically during the crisis. Your donations have helped make possible their critical relief work in a significant way.

Please take a few minutes to watch this short Youtube video in Vietnamese from Chung Tay Vì Cộng Đồng highlighting their Covid-19 relief works where English subtitles are available with a selection in Youtube’s Settings.

As daily case numbers in Saigon and surrounding areas are still high (around 4000 currently) and the Covid situation in Vietnam is fluid and evolving, there is still a lot more work to be done, and we will endeavour to continue supporting our partners as much as we could. 

Thank you for trusting us with your very generous donations to enable us to extend a helping hand to the people of Saigon and surrounding areas in their most difficult time.

Please stay safe and take care.

Yours gratefully,

Lý Gia Nhẫn,


The following clip demonstrates how old bicycles are renewed by R4K, a partner of VNF, then delivered to poor students in Vietnam.

6th of August, 2021

Dear friends, members and supporters,

We sincerely hope that you and your family are safe and well during the worsening COVID-19 pandemic around Australia.

It is tough everywhere, and right now the situation in Vietnam is very grim. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused so much human and economic damages and suffering in Vietnam. Thousands of people are being hospitalised and have died, and the daily number of infected cases is still increasing exponentially.

All those deemed to be ‘close contacts’ (designated as F1 in Vietnam) are being quarantined in make-shift centres, and thousands are without adequate masks, sanitisers, blankets and food. Poor people infected with COVID-19 cannot get to the hospitals due to a severe lack of free emergency vehicles operated by local charities such as our partners. The hospital system is overwhelmed, with doctors, nurses and staff exhausted and unable to cope due to the severe shortage of health-grade PPE, medication, consumables and medical equipment.

Saigon is the epicentre of the current pandemic surge, with surrounding towns and cities also severely impacted.

As the needs are so overwhelming and desperate, we cannot wait. Our charity partners in Vietnam are in the thick of the relief work, supporting quarantined centres and hospitals. Right now they are doing all they can around the clock to deliver PPE, food, basic medication, and to provide free emergency transport to poor close contacts and infected people to make-shift quarantine centres and hospitals. Vietnam Foundation has been supporting these partners with our own limited funds.

But it is not enough. So today we are launching our urgent Vietnam COVID-19 Appeal to seek your help in this mammoth task.

In this hour of need, please dig deep and donate to this appeal by one of the following methods:

Bank transfer:

VNF Vietnam Relief Fund

CBA Bank: 062 334 11559666

(Please provide your full name and email address for receipt)


Click on the link below for no-fee PayPal Giving Fund donation


On VNF Website:

Click on https://vietnamfoundation.org.au/donation-bequest/ for donation by PayPal, Bank transfer or by Cheque.

All the monies from your tax-deductible donations will be used to support our local partners in all the above COVID-19 relief works to reduce infections, provide basic medication, food and PPE in quarantined centres and hospitals in Saigon and surrounding hot-spots .

All donations will be acknowledged, and receipts will be issued for taxation purpose.

Thank you for joining us in extending a helping hand to the people of Saigon and surrounding red zones in their most difficult time.

Yours gratefully,

Lý Gia Nhẫn


VNF partners in Saigon: Hành-Trình-Yêu-Thương group provides free transport to the patients and Chung-Tay-Vì-Cộng-Đồng group supplies free grocery in their zero-dollar shop.

With great pleasure, we present to you the VNF newsletter for April 2021


Towards the end of 2020, seventeen (17) water vats with capacity of 2600 litre each were donated by VNF to the hamlet of My Thanh of Giong Trom district in Ben Tre province. In the last few years, residents in My Thanh hamlet have been increasingly facing the severe shortage of drinking water due to the encroachment of salt water into fresh groundwater supplies. It has worsen the poverty already existed in the area with badly needed money being used to purchase drinking water and extra time and labour devoted to securing usable water. The donated water vats have alleviated many problems for the lucky recipients.

2600 water vat recepient
Ben Tre water vat
Completion ceremony

In 2020, 300 rainwater vats, with 1000-litre capacity each, were fabricated and delivered to families in Commune My Lan, a poor and remote area in Kien Giang Province, which has no access to clean water. This has been identified as one of the most common causes of gastro and skin diseases in rural Vietnam.The total cost of this project was $16,127.52.

Completion Ceremony
Completion Ceremony
vats in yard
Finished Products
Vats being transported to families
A happy recipient

VNF has recently funded a new project in collaboration with our Vietnam in-country partner Trần Quyết Thắng of R4K to recycle 200 old bikes destined for land fill, by repairing and refitting with new or recycled parts. These fully refurbished and newly painted bicycles will be distributed amongst school children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in rural and remote areas. Nghệ An, Thanh Hóa and Thái Bình were initially selected as target provinces. Due to a greater than expected demand, the target provinces have been extended to include Hà Giang and Quảng Trị . It is expected that the entire 200 bikes will be completed and delivered to the children by February 2021. The first 20 bikes were delivered to students of Khâu Vai Junior High School in Mèo Vạc (Hà Giang) in December 2020, to be followed by another 20 bikes to primary school students in Đa Krông (Quảng Trị). Here are some photos of the recycled bikes, and new or recycled bike parts ready for assembly.

Here are more photos including about 30 recycled bicycles that have been completed by our Vietnam in-country partner Trần Quyết Thắng. These were delivered in late December 2020 to students at a school in Mèo Vạc district, Hà Giang province. Mèo Vạc is located within the rugged landscape on the Vietnam-China borders, populated mainly (over 80%) by Hmong ethnic minority.

On 29/11/2020, with AUD5000 provided by Vietnam Foundation’s flood and storm recovery fund, VNF’s in-country partner Dr Trần Đức Anh Sơn procured and delivered essential provisions, fittings and fixtures for Phong Thủy Kindergarten, Quảng Bình province, to enable the school to take in children from the nearby Đại Phong Kindergarten.Đại Phong Kindergarten was badly damaged during the recent floods and storms, and a philanthropist from Hanoi will be providing funds for the repairs and rectification of the actual school building when flood water recedes. In the meantime and until the school is repaired, made safe and operational, 150 children at Đại Phong Kindergarten needed to be temporarily transferred to Phong Thủy Kindergarten, which already had to cater for its own 250 existing preschool children. As a result, funds were urgently required to support and accommodate these additional 150 children. Following consultation with Phong Thủy Kindergarten, Dr Sơn decided to use the funds provided by VNF to procure beds, hot water units, water purifiers, electric fans, LED TVs, laser printers, and consumables to increase the school’s capacity and services. VNF would like to thank Dr Sơn for his tremendous efforts in effectively coordinating and managing the delivery of this well targeted and much needed relief work.+21

Bedding for chidren

Here is a selection of photos provided last week by one of our in-country VNF partners, Dr Tran Duc Anh Son and his associate Nguyen Phong, who are delivering relief to flood affected areas. Dr Son and his team visited severely impacted villages and communes in Quang Tri and Quang Binh provinces from 15/10/2020 to 20/10/2020. This included Hai Thuong commune, Hai Le commune, Dong Le ward, Xuan Thuy commune, and Phong Thuy commune. Rice, instant noodles and other foods, medicine, and life jackets were distributed to flood victims. Additional cash was gifted to the elderly, women and children who were deemed to be the most vulnerable and with the greatest need. The relief effort is now focussing on the work of repairing and rebuilding homes and schools damaged by floods in these communities.

28th October 2020

Dear friends, members and supporters,

Thank you very much for your very generous and swift support for our recent Vietnam Flood Appeal. 

We are deeply touched by the overwhelming responses of so many generous friends and donors from Australia and abroad, many of whom we have never met or known before. 

We have received $31,578.45 from 109 donors as at the time of this email. Official receipts for tax purposes have been sent to all donors with known email addresses. If you have not done so, please let us know your email address so we can send receipt to you. 

We have sent:

➢ $5,000 to Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper

➢ $5,000 to Chung Tay Vì Cộng Đồng (Joining Hands For Community) Voluntary Society: Please visit their Website and Facebook

➢ $8,000 to Dr Trần Đức Anh Sơn and his associates

➢ $5,000 to Mr Trần Quyết Thắng of Rebike For Kids

These organisations are well known and trusted in Vietnam for their prompt and effective relief work. Your donations have been used to buy essential provisions such as medicine, food and day to day needs such as clothing, blankets, cooking utensils, etc. As this newsletter is being sent out, these much needed provisions are being urgently delivered to flood victims in Hà Tĩnh, Quảng Bình, Quảng Trị and Thừa Thiên provinces in Central Vietnam.

The worst is not over! Central Vietnam is bracing for more flooding: Hurricane No. 9 hasarrived in Central Vietnam today, 28th of October. We are keeping in touch with relief partners in Vietnam to send the remaining balance of your donations.

Our relief work will continue as we need to help with the rebuilding of houses and schools damaged by flood, the provision of seeds to farmers. This work is vital for the people of Central Vietnam to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. 

Thank you for trusting us with your very generous gifts to enable us to reach out to the people of Central Vietnam in their most difficult time.

Yours gratefully,

Lý Gia Nhẫn

President – Vietnam Foundation