The Hue English Language Summer Camp has wrapped up, and we’re thrilled to share the highlights. 🌟📢. 

25 talented students from disadvantaged families, hailing from Le Quy Don (Quang Tri Province) and Quoc Hoc Hue High schools, came together to learn, grow, and shine. 📚🤝.

Thanks to the Vietnam Foundation’s Build a Future (BAF) program and their partnership with the Rotary Club of Saigon, these young minds are getting the support they deserve. This 3-day summer camp supplements the weekly hour of online English practice offered over the preceding six months.

During the camp, students not only improved their English skills but also gained confidence and crucial skills. 🗣️🌍 From making English-language movies to exploring the impact of artificial intelligence, their experiences were nothing short of transformative. 🎥🤖

Dr. Khoa Ho-le, BAF’s Program Director, shared, “Outcomes were excellent! The students’ speaking skills improved significantly, as did their confidence. Next year, we’ll add a career counselling and employability program.” 🚀🌟

Rhys Williams, who has been with the program since inception, added, “Face-to-face camps are critical. Shy students are now confident presenters. Making a movie in your second language is challenging, but all teams did great work to communicate their message.” 🎬🗨️

Next year, BAF will expand scholarships to students in Buon Ma Thuot province, broadening their reach and impact. 🌍

VNF has an ambitious plan to raise substantial funds for a long-term BAF scholarship fund. This money will be invested to provide annual dividends, sustaining a minimum of 30 three-year scholarships. 

Through the marvelous generosity of the Navitas Foundation, VNF will complete the development of English & Life Skills programs during 2023-2024, ensuring a cutting-edge program for scholarship recipients. 🌠

Let’s celebrate the work being done, and all the best to the scholarship recipients! 🇻🇳🌏

#EducationForAll #TransformingLives #SupportVietnamFoundation

On Saturday 19/08/2023, the Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) at Monash University had fun AND also extended a helping hand to the disadvantaged people in Vietnam with a charity sports day.

The Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) at Monash University is a vibrant social club with a strong community spirit.  Many club members have volunteered to teach English to disadvantaged high school students in Central Vietnam. This has been done in collaboration with Vietnam Foundation (Australia) and is continuing.
VNF is a charity organization registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission. 

On Saturday 19/08/2023, the Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) at Monash University took the initiative to organize a charity volleyball day at the Monash Sports Centre in Clayton, Victoria. The proceeds were donated to Vietnam Foundation (VNF) to empower the disadvantaged people in Vietnam to break out of the cycle of poverty. 
The VSA sports event was sold out.  Three volleyball courts were filled with players and spectators.  The volleyball players were enthusiastic and energetic. The skills were variable, from excellent to (let’s be charitable here 😀) passable.  The main goals, however, are fun and helping the poor.  
The VSA is to be congratulated on the successful charity sports day. The VSA management committee has done an outstanding job of organizing the event.  They will no doubt become leaders in their chosen fields in the future.

Dear Friends, Members, and Supporters,

Re: VNF 2023 Water Vats Appeal

Thank you very much for your ongoing and generous support of our aid programs in the last 27 years to the people living in the poor remote areas of Vietnam. 

One of the biggest problems for many remote areas of Vietnam is the lack of clean water for basic daily use such as drinking, cooking, washing, and personal hygiene. One such typical area is around Highway 80 and Rach Gia Bay, Kien Giang province where people live in extreme poverty and harsh conditions, with practically no clean water. This is one of the biggest causes of preventable diseases and very poor health in the area. Some of us have witnessed first hands on our trip to the area in 2022 and again in February this year.

Vietnam Foundation has been partnering with the local Red Cross to source and distribute 1,200 concrete 1000-litre vats to the people in this area since 2019. The vats were used to collect rainwater during rainy seasons and used throughout the years. In some households, the vats are the most precious asset and are heavily guarded. This is a highly practical program to improve access to clean water and improve basic sanitation for the local people at a low cost. People are less likely to get sick so they can work more hours to earn income.

Now in the 5th year of the program, we wish to provide another 300 vats to this area before the rainy season starts in June this year at the cost of AUD17,000. This would cover the cost of manufacturing, transport, and delivery to 300 families in Mỹ Phước Commune, Hòn Đất District, Kiên Giang Province. 

Once again we are seeking your help for the people of Kiên Giang province.  

Your donation is fully tax-deductible in Australia, and Vietnam Foundation is entirely run by volunteers with minimal overhead costs. The donation has been used solely on all of VNF’s charity programs including this water vat program.

Thank you for your continuing generous support for this worthwhile program over the past 4 years. We hope you will consider supporting us again this year and make a positive impact on the lives of the poverty stricken people in Hòn Đất District, Kiên Giang Province.

For more information on this program and any of our other programs, please follow the below link:

To donate:

Yours sincerely,

Ly Gia Nhan

President – Vietnam Foundation

June 2023
Editor: Katherine Nguyen

1st of March, 2023

Dear Friends, Members and Supporters,

We hope this letter finds you and your families safe and well after the festive season.

It is great to see that life has mostly returned to normal in Australia post Covid-19 pandemic, and the economy shows improvement. However, we want to draw your attention to the fact that many difficulties remain for people living in poor areas of rural Vietnam. In this regard, we are once again seeking your kind support for one of our key programs of aid in Vietnam: Provision of recycled bicycles to poor students in the most disadvantaged remote rural areas.

Now in its 12th year, the Recycled Bicycles is our longest running program of work and delivering positive results. The program aims to provide high-quality, recycled bicycles to poor school children in remote areas in rural Vietnam, create employment opportunities for local businesses, and contribute toward environmental sustainability.

These quality restored bicycles contain about 50 percent re-used components, and recipients are mostly 5, 6, 7 and 8 graders in poor, remote communities. The impact of the program has been significant and immediate; our small gifts have been life-changing to school children and their families. In these areas of rural Vietnam, the difficulties in getting to and from school can be the biggest barrier to education and a better future. Out of school hours, these bicycles are also used, enabling families to connect, make essential trips to market, health clinics, cultural and recreational sites, or places of worship.

In addition, we hope through our program community spirit of participation and mutual support will be generated as beneficiaries are encouraged to involve themselves in sustaining recycling activities.

We understand that you may have many commitments, but we want to share with you the impact of this program on the lives of school children in rural Vietnam. Last year with your generous support, we were able to deliver 400 recycled bikes to school children. This year we aim to raise $27,000 in order to provide 500 bikes. Work on recycling is on-going but we hope to have fund support by April 2023.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible in Australia, and Vietnam Foundation is entirely run by volunteers with minimal overhead costs. The donation has been used solely on all of VNF’s charity programs including this recycled bicycle program.

On behalf of children and families we all seek to help, we sincerely thank you for your continuing generous support for this worthwhile program. We hope you will consider supporting us again this year and make a positive impact on the lives of school children in rural Vietnam.

When donating please follow one of the three methods listed below:

Bank transfer:

VNF Vietnam Relief Fund

CBA Bank: 062 334 11559666

(Please provide your full name and email address for receipt)


Click on the link below for no-fee PayPal Giving Fund donation


Please make cheque payable to “VNF Vietnam Relief Fund” and post to:
Vietnam Foundation, 137 Lancelot St, Blacktown, NSW 2148, Australia.

All donations will be acknowledged, and receipts will be issued for taxation purpose.

Yours gratefully,

Lý Gia Nhẫn


June 2022
Editor: Katherine Nguyen

8th of December, 2021

Dear friends, members and supporters,

For many of us who have been fortunate enough to build a good and meaningful life for ourselves and to contribute to our society and communities, education has been the key to unlock our potential and our ticket out of poverty towards a better future. Speaking personally, as a recipient of an Australian scholarship, I am forever grateful for the opportunities it gave me, and I have been looking for a way to pay back that debt of gratitude, to give to poor children in Vietnam the same head start and the same opportunities to transform their lives and to become valuable members of their communities.

I am therefore delighted to announce the launch of Vietnam Foundation’s “Build A Future” program, in cooperation with the following charity partners in Vietnam, who are offering a wide range of scholarship and/or mentoring programs, each designed to suit the circumstances and needs of the children:

1. Chung Tay Vì Cộng Đồng (Volunteer Together As Community):

✓ Target recipients: Poor and deserving high school students in rural Vietnam.

✓ Pay for cost of school fees, books, school supplies and medical / accident insurance

✓ Mentoring of students through a local network of trained mentors, including annual summer camps to help the students build confidence and develop life skills.

2. Quỹ Khát Vọng (Aspiration Fund):

✓ Target recipients: Orphans and children in destitute circumstances to enable them to start school or to continue their schooling.

✓ Pay for cost of school fees, books, school supplies and living expenses as required by individual children’s circumstances.

✓ Supporting of students to develop their mindset, life skills and resilience, including annual summer camps.

3. Rotary Club of Saigon:

✓ Target recipients: Primary school age children without “hộ khẩu” (proof of residence), and marginalised and forgotten children in and around Saigon.

✓ Pay for cost of school fees, books, uniforms, school supplies and provide necessary financial support to enable these left-behind children to attend school and to escape from the homeless life of subsistence.

✓ Mentoring of students as needed and life-skills training.

[Website under construction]

Established in June 2021, Rotary Club of Saigon has delivered over 200 wheelchairs, Oxygen Concentrators to makeshift hospitals in Saigon and more recently Baby Incubators to hospitals in Cần Thơ, Saigon, Quảng Trị and Huế. Its president, Ms Kiều Vương, received a scholarship in primary school that has changed her life. She is now a successful lawyer and for the past 12 years has given back to the community through her own scholarship programs, initially working with the help of her former high school teachers in Quảng Trị Province, and more recently with the District 2 Women Association in HCMC to organise free classes and support for 40 abandoned and undocumented children from Year 1 to Year 12, who were unable to attend schools due to lack of home address and identity papers.

Vietnam Foundation’s exciting and life-changing “Build A Future” program will be coordinated by our newly formed and dedicated Education Committee, which is also developing a suite of life skills and soft skills training resources as a value-adding overlay to the existing mentoring programs of our local charity partners.

The annual cost of scholarship for each child is from $250 to cover school fees, books and school supplies, up to $750 to include living expenses depending on the personal circumstances of each child.

You have the opportunity to contribute to VNF “Build A Future” program and/or to sponsor one or more children of your nomination to take part in their life journey and to develop a more personal connection with them through the Program’s communication channel.

All our local partners including their mentors and volunteers working in the program will have to comply with local laws and regulations on Child Protection, as well as with VNF’s own Child Protection Policy and Guidelines.

To help us make a strong start on this worthwhile and life-transforming program, please donate generously to this appeal by one of the following methods:

Bank transfer:    ​VNF Vietnam Relief Fund

                              ​CBA Bank: 062 334 11559666

                              (Please provide your full name and email address for receipt)

PayPal:       ​​Click on the link below for no-fee PayPal Giving Fund donations:


On VNF Website: Click on for donation by PayPal, Bank transfer or by Cheque.                     

 All donations will be acknowledged and receipts issued for taxation purpose.

We would appreciate your suggestion and input via email at

Thank you for joining us in this exciting new journey to transform the lives of children in Vietnam through the power of education and the opportunities it will unlock.

On this festive season, we wish you and your family a Safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours gratefully,

Lý Gia Nhẫn


1st of December 2021,

Dear friends, members and supporters,

Thank you very much for your swift and very generous responses to our Vietnam Covid-19 Relief appeal. We are deeply touched by the overwhelming support of so many generous friends and supporters, with a large number of both individual and corporate donors from all around Australia and overseas, many of whom we have never met or known.

As of today, we have received a total of $73,804 and have provided the following funding amounts to our charity partners in Vietnam:

 1. Chung Tay Vì Cộng Đồng (Volunteer Together As Community) – $55,000

  Providing health-grade PPEs, sanitisers, cleaning agents and basic medication to major makeshift hospitals, supplementary meals for patients, front-line health workers and volunteers in quarantine centres and hospitals, as well as Covid-safe emergency hospital transport for poor Covid patients.

 2. Hành Trình Yêu Thương (The Journey of Love) – $16,000

  Distributing fresh foodstuff, rice, meals, sanitisers, and masks to families hard hit by the Covid lockdown, and Covid-safe emergency transport of Covid patients to and from hospitals.

 3. Cô Nhi Viện Diệu Giác (Diệu Giác Orphanage) – $3,000

  Providing emergency relief funding to support orphans under lockdown at the orphanage.

 This makes a total of $74,000 and our Covid-19 appeal is now officially closed. Any new donations received after this date will be allocated to our general fund for projects in Vietnam.

Thank you for trusting us with your very generous donations and extending a helping hand to the people of Saigon and surrounding areas in their most difficult time.

As this Covid Appeal draws to a successful close, we are now preparing to launch Vietnam Foundation’s exciting and life-changing ‘Build A Future’ scholarship and mentoring program to provide the opportunity for a better and sustainable future for poor and disadvantaged children in Vietnam through the power of education. We will write more to you shortly about this transformative initiative.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours gratefully,

Lý Gia Nhẫn


                                                                                                                     8th of October, 2021

Dear friends, members and supporters,

Update on VNF Vietnam Covid-19 Relief Appeal

It has been a tough time for every one of us. We hope that you and your families are safe and well during the pandemic.

Thank you very much for your swift and very generous support for our recent Vietnam Covid-19 Appeal. We are deeply touched by the overwhelming response of so many generous friends and donors from Australia and abroad, many of whom we have never met or known. 

As at the time of this letter, we have received $49,679 from 115 donors as direct responses to our Vietnam Covid-19 Relief Appeal.

In addition to the above heart-warming result, we have also received contributions from the following Facebook Covid-19 Fundraisers:

– Concert For Saigon Covid FB Fundraiser by Ann Phan, her talented children and their friends: $5,832 from 47 donors.

– Young supporter Mai Ngọc Châu’s (USA) Birthday Covid Fundraiser for VNF: $387.

– Our own VNF FB Fundraiser: $7,544 from 61 donors.

This makes a total of $63,422 so far for our Vietnam Covid-19 Appeal, a fantastic result.

We have sent your donations in 4 separate transfers to our two major charity partners in Vietnamfor their Covid relief works totalling: $45,000 to Chung Tay Vì Cộng Đồng (Volunteer Together As Community) and $15,000 to Hành Trình Yêu Thương (The Journey of Love). In addition, we have also sent $3,000 to Diệu Giác Orphanage in Saigon to help the orphans through the Covid crisis.

Our charity partners have been working tirelessly to provide much needed health-grade PPEs, sanitisers, medical equipment, basic medication and meals to the patients, front-line health workers and volunteers in quarantine centres and hospitals, as well as free meals, food and Covid-safe emergency hospital transport to poor people hard hit economically during the crisis. Your donations have helped make possible their critical relief work in a significant way.

Please take a few minutes to watch this short Youtube video in Vietnamese from Chung Tay Vì Cộng Đồng highlighting their Covid-19 relief works where English subtitles are available with a selection in Youtube’s Settings.

As daily case numbers in Saigon and surrounding areas are still high (around 4000 currently) and the Covid situation in Vietnam is fluid and evolving, there is still a lot more work to be done, and we will endeavour to continue supporting our partners as much as we could. 

Thank you for trusting us with your very generous donations to enable us to extend a helping hand to the people of Saigon and surrounding areas in their most difficult time.

Please stay safe and take care.

Yours gratefully,

Lý Gia Nhẫn,