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Heifers for Sóc Trăng farmers

An Mỹ village in Kế Sách district Sóc Trăng province has a high percentage of Khmer and Chinese ethnic minorities. Most of the villagers engage in agriculture and aquaculture. More than 20% live under property line. In co-operation with Heifer Vietnam, a branch of the US NGO Heifer International, the Foundation supported a project which […]

Rest house for carers at Tam Nông hospital

Tam Nông is a district of Đồng Tháp province, part of the once very vast area called Đồng Tháp Mười (Plain of Reeds). The area is subject to annual flooding which lasts from 3 to 4 months. Sometimes the flood water reaches more than 3m high in some locations. Cultivated lands are therefore only productive […]

New Classroom for Đồi Mỹ Primary School

Đồi Mỹ primary school is in Thanh Sơn village, Định Quán district, Đồng Nai province. The village is less than 120 km from HCMC and yet is so isolated. Access from the district township to the village is by a small rocky dirt road, and a ferry crossing. The village has no grid electricity. About […]

Control of wave erosion in Mekong river Delta

The Mekong river delta is home to millions of Vietnamese. Many of these people rely on the extensive network of rivers and canals for transportation. Due to the recent fast economic development, most of the boats that crisscross the delta are motorised. The waves created by these boats relentlessly pound the river banks, causing enormous […]

Cà Lúi primary school

Cà Lúi village is a poor, isolated, mountainous area in Sơn Hòa District, of Phú Yên Province. It is about 100 km west of Tuy Hòa province town. The area is formerly a “new economic area”. It was severely damaged by typhoon in October-November 2001. The current population is about 2500. No school is currently […]

Corrective Surgery for Handicapped children

The Thừa Thiên/Huế area is well known as an important historic and cultural centre of Vietnam. Not so well known is the fact that it is also one of the most economic disadvantaged regions of the country. Cultivable land is scarce, industry is lacking and the weather is unforgiving. In general, the living standard of […]

Gò Ngãi primary school

Gò Ngãi is located at Mỹ Thạnh Bắc village, Đức Huệ district, Long An province, about 80 km north-west of HCM City. The village is in a new economic area and home of many new settlers. They came to clear land and plant sugar canes or to work for the nearby Hiệp Hòa Sugar Mill. […]

Scholarships for Cần Giờ students

In late 1998, the seaside Cần Giờ district, some 30 kilometres from HCM City, suffered a catastrophic crop failure due to a combination of severe draught, wide-spread oil spill and incursion of salt water into cultivated areas. A large number of senior high school students had to give up schooling to seek work to support […]

An Thuận primary school

The school is in An Điền hamlet, An Thuận village, Thạnh Phú district, Bến Tre province. Thạnh Phú is the poorest district of Bến Tre, some 80 kilometres south-west of HCM City. The population makes their living by rice cultivation. Because the district is near the sea, rice fields are frequently flooded with salt water. […]

Bình Hòa Nam Health Centre

Bình Hòa Nam village is home of about 6500 people. It is about 7 km from Đức Huệ town centre, Long An province, which is located 75 km from HCM City. To reach the village from HCMC, travellers have to go by car for about 2 hrs 30 minutes (through Đức Huệ) and then about […]