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Arts of Việt Nam 1009-1945

Arts of Việt Nam 1009-1945 by Kerry Nguyễn-Long, is the only book written in English on this subject. It covers the development of the arts from the first Lý king in 1009 to the abdication of the last Nguyễn King in 1945, from the North to the far South of Vietnam. The Vietnam Foundation had […]

East meets West Music

On 3 November 2012 more than 60 members and friends of the Foundation were pleasantly treated with an exquisite music recital which featured a beautiful blending of Vietnamese and western music. Performed at the event were 3 accomplished musicians: Nguyễn Lê Tuyên, Nguyễn Kim Oanh and Nguyễn Xuân Ánh. Lê Tuyên is the inventor of […]

Sanitation For Daklak Hill Tribes

In many rural and mountainous parts of Vietnam, because of tradition and a lack of clean toilet facilities, open defecation is still widely practiced. As a result, the local population lives in a polluted environment and frequently suffers many serious communicable diseases. In response to a request from Sister Nguyễn Thị Đức of the Kim […]

New bridges for rural Bình Thuận

Tánh Linh is a rural remote district of Bình Thuận province. Many roads in the district are very old, in bad condition, with small, narrow, worn-out or unstable wooden bridges. The bridges are therefore not only serious public safety risks but also great impediments to reliable transport and productive economic activities for the local population. […]

Tim Aline Rebeaud’s “Village Chance”

‘Village Chance’ is a new project undertaken by Maison Chance, an organisation founded by the extraordinary Swiss painter Tim Aline Rebeaud. Visiting Vietnam as a tourist in 1992, Tim was so moved by the plight of the street children that the young artist returned the following year to help these children. With the support of […]

Nam Đồng Care Centre for disabled children

Nam Đồng is a poor mountainous district of Thừa Thiên-Huế, approximately 50km west of Huế. It is close to the A Lươi valley which, during the war years, was heavily sprayed with Agent Orange. More than 40% of the local population is ethnic Katu minority. They make their living mainly by planting rice, maize, sweet […]

Phong Mỹ Kindergarten

This ramshackle structure was the kindergarten for 40 young children at hamlet 1, Phong Mỹ village, Cao Lãnh district, Đồng Tháp province The kindergarten was demolished and rebuilt in bricks. The new building includes toilet and shower facilities which are supplied with water pumped from a nearby river.   It was completed in April 2010 […]

Kim Đồng primary school

The school is located in Đăk Ngo village, Tuy Đức district, Đắc Nông province, in the Central Highlands. Đăk Ngo is a newsettlement located in an isolated area near the Cambodia border and about 150 km from Gia Nghĩa provincial town. The population consists mainly of ethnic minorities, specially the H’mong, who migrated from Northern […]

Mái Ấm Hồng Ân Orphanage

Mái Ấm Hồng Ân (Blessed Sweet Home) orphanage is unique among many similar organisations. It owes its existence and growth to the generosity and tenacity of a remarkable woman: the paraplegic Vương Ngọc Sương, who, at the age of 24, was rendered disabled by a fall while doing charity work. Despite her handicap, with boundless […]

An Khánh Primary School

An Khánh Primary school is in An Khánh village, Châu Thành district, Bến Tre Province. The school did not have enough classrooms but had two temporary rooms that were unfinished and not suitable for teaching purposes. In 2008 the Foundation gave the school financial support to build two new classrooms totaling 132m2 to replace these […]