Our Major Donors & Sponsors

Vietnam Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, Businesses and Companies as our Major Donors and Corporate Sponsors, with donations of two thousand dollars or more each year.
Their generosity and support have enabled us to maintain and expand our Programs of relief and aid work to alleviate poverty and to empower poor communities in rural Vietnam.

Corporate & Business Sponsors

PaylPal Giving Fund
Benevity Giving Platform
UPC University Preparation College

Mecal Pty Ptd
Navitas Education Trust
Nelumbo Trust Fund
Microsoft Office 365

Major Donors

Dr Mai Viết Kinh Luân
Mr Christopher Moxley
Mr Nguyễn Văn Hào & Mrs Lê Tịnh Tiến
Mrs Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Mai & Mr Háng Lương
Mr Vũ Phương Diệm (NZ)
Mr Nguyễn Đức Kim
Dr Phan Thiện Khải & Mrs Lan Chi Phan
Theresa & Joseph Power
Dr Daniel Minh Nguyen & Mrs Trang Nguyen
Dr Nghiem Minh Phuoc & Mrs Bich Ngan Nghiem
Ms Janice Ly
Ms Bridgette Dang
Mrs Julie Than-Trong
Mrs Ton Nu Minh Duc
Mr Mai San & Mrs Thuy Hoai Mai
Mr Nguyen Duc Minh & Mrs My Nguyen
Mr Vu Van Hieu & Mrs Chau Vu

Dr Ho-Le Khoa & Dr Nguyen Thi Cuc
Mr Vo Phuoc Long
Mr Nguyen Quoc Dzuy
Dr Nguyen Ngoc Thao & Mrs Hoang-Lan Nguyen
Ms Doan Thanh Tam
Mr Tram Van Phuong & Mrs Ai-Phuong Tram
Dr Nguyen Hoa Hop & Dr Minh Hai Nguyen
Dr Huynh Quan Danh & Mrs Minh Huynh
Dr Doan Thao
Dr Kell Ronald Auer
Mr Tran Nguyen Hoang & Transvita Pty Ltd
Ms Doan Thanh Tam
Mr Tuan John Pham
Mr Huy Dinh & Mrs Le thi Nam Han
Dr Katherine Nguyen
Mr Le-Khac Tuong

Discover how you can help today

Your donation has the potential to change the lives of many. With your help we can provide access to education, infrastructure and clean water, things that many take for granted but that are not easily available to many communities in Vietnam.