A visit to the ‘Love School’ in Ho Chi Minh City

April 2024

Whist on holiday in Vietnam, sisters Michelle and Janice Ly had the opportunity to visit the ‘Love School’, one of the schools that Vietnam Foundation has supported over the years.

“We have followed the work Vietnam Foundation have been doing for many years, while in Vietnam we wanted to be able to see in person the impact that Vietnam Foundation make”, Michelle said.

Michelle and Janice were accompanied by Mr Hieu, a volunteer of VNF. Together they travelled to the Love School in Ho Chi Minh City. This informal school, which consisted an open building with one area for studying and one area for cooking meals for the students, is run by a lady affectionately known as ‘Grandma Thuy’. The students come from a range of backgrounds and ages, with most students unable to enrol in the formal education system due to lack of funds or lack of documentation.

“Meeting Grandma Thuy, her volunteer team, and all their students was an eye opening experience. The facilities are quite basic, but you could feel the warmth and passion that Grandma Thuy gives to the students, and you could see how well the students responded to her” Janice said.

Classes at the Love School are held on different days according to age group. Additionally, volunteers teach the children Kung Fu, and they were eager to do a demonstration for the visitors. Some students also volunteered to sing and dance, they were very excited to put on a show for their visitors.

Without the Love School, these students wouldn’t be able to gain a basic education and its likely they would end up on the streets and joining local gangs. The school not only provides them with an education and some meals, but with a community to belong to and a purpose. The school is 100% run by volunteers and dependent on donations.

“While we were there, they asked us to help distribute rice and milk powder to the children, which had been donated by a local business. It was nice to see the local community supporting the work that Grandma Thuy is doing” said Michelle.

Vietnam Foundation has supported schools like the Love School for many years. To read more about the work Vietnam Foundation does to help disadvantaged children visit the Schools and Orphanages Program page.

To learn more about the Love School, read this article published by Vietnam News.

The Australian visitors helped distribute food that had been donated by a local business.
Students volunteered to do a kung fu presentation to show off their skills, taught by a volunteer kung fu master.

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