The VIETNAM FOUNDATION raises funds and seeks donations from the public to use for the following objectives in Vietnam:

    • to provide financial assistance, low interest loans and other assistance to needy and disadvantaged individuals, family or community groups, especially those living in rural areas, in order to assist them to establish small businesses and improve living standards;
    • to provide funds for rural projects to create job opportunities, increase food production, and improve the education, health, sanitation and living standards of the rural population;
    • to provide funds for the construction of medical centres and schools, and the procurement of medical and teaching equipment and facilities;
    • to provide funds for public education campaigns to promote birth control, disease prevention, sanitation, healthy lifestyles and conservation of natural resources and the environment;
    • to provide scholarships for the education of poor children and for trainee teachers and health workers, particularly those in remote parts of Vietnam;
    • to provide funds for projects, research programmes, studies or activities whose objectives are:
        • to reduce poverty,
        • to facilitate and encourage economic development of rural areas,
        • to improve health, education, economic and social conditions of the poor and underprivileged,
        • to encourage self-sufficient settlement in rural areas, and
        • to introduce knowledge and technology to benefit the population of Vietnam;
    • to provide emergency financial and other relief to victims of natural calamities.