The Vietnam Foundation is deeply indebted to an uncountable number of people who have contributed in numerous ways to the Foundation. In addition to cash donations, the Foundation has received artworks, jewellery items, books, music CDs etc personally donated by their creators, designers, writers and composers. Many artists and their supporting personnel have donated their precious time to our fund raising dinners. It is not possible for us to list the names of these donors, contributors and benefactors without a risk of missing many. Many also wish to remain anonymous. We would like to say a big thank you to all these members, supporters and friends.

The Vietnam Foundation would also like to specifically thank the following companies and organisations for their generous donations toward aid projects in Vietnam, to the Foundation’s fund raising activities or to provide various forms of continuing support for the Foundation’s operations:

  • MMSoft
  • University Preparation College
  • CSC (Australia) P/L
  • Pathfinder Solutions P/L
  • Softbase P/L
  • MTC Work Solutions
  • nvdezigns
  • BP Solar (Australia) P/L

Last but not least, the Vietnam Foundation owes a great debt of gratitude to the late Judith Catherine Iltis and her family for a generous bequeath that Judith left to the Foundation. The care for and generosity toward the poor and disadvantaged in Vietnam that were always in Judith’s heart and soul are forever greatly appreciated and reverently remembered.