Project Funding

The Vietnam Foundation frequently receives many requests for help with aid projects in Vietnam. We would very much like to meet all these requests. However, unfortunately, our financial resources are limited. Therefore we have to undertake the unpleasant task of assessing all received requests thoroughly and then assigning them priorities.

To enable us to assess requests quickly and accurately, please fill in the Funding Application form, supplying us with the required information. Extra information that is not requested on the form but deemed necessary to support the application can also be included as attachments.

We assess applications according to our Funding Guidelines, using our Funding Assessment form. Therefore please consult those guidelines and form when preparing the application.

Our representative will contact the applicant and may visit the proposed project site after the application is received.

Please note that our new postal address is


Please use that address if you want to send mail to us by post.

The previous address at PO Box 57 Sans Souci NSW 2219 is no longer available so do not send mail to that PO Box.

Our email address remains unchanged

Thank you very much.