• Membership of the VIETNAM FOUNDATION is open to all individuals (18 year old or over) and corporations who subscribe to the Foundation’s objectives. The Foundation offers two categories of membership:
    • Ordinary membership, and
    • Associate membership.

The only difference between these two types of memberships is that Associate membership is reserved for those members who choose not to exercise their voting rights at annual elections of office bearers.

  • Admission to Ordinary and Associate memberships is through subscription. The annual subscription fees are:
    • $10 for ordinary individual member
    • $300 for ordinary corporate member
    • $5 for associate individual member and
    • $100 for associate corporate member
  • The Foundation also grants Life and Honorary memberships. They are available only through conferment by other members at general meetings.
  • All members will receive
    • notices of general meetings
    • progress reports and general news to be published by the Foundation.
    • invitations to participate in other activities of the Foundation.
  • If you are interested in becoming a member of the Vietnam Foundation please contact us at or fill in this Membership Form and send to us either by normal post or by email as indicated on that form.