Another new bridge for Xà Phiên village

We are helping build another new bridge in Xà Phiên village, Long Mỹ district, Hậu Giang province. It is called ‘Kênh Cùng’ bridge, in hamlet 2, and is approximately 5 km from the ‘Đê Ngăn Mặn’ bridge that we helped rebuilt recently.

The original old concrete bridge collapsed many years ago. The locals used bits of timber and bamboo trunks to construct a makeshift monkey bridge so that the children can go to the nearby schools.

Existing bridge


The new bridge, to replace the existing bridge, will be 30 m long, 3 m wide and with 5 Ton capacity. It is also designed by NEMO Construction Consultant in Vietnam, who has been providing us with pro bono bridge design services.

Design drawing for the new bridge


To allow easy passage of rice barges, the new bridge will also be a bit higher than the existing bridge.

The total cost of the bridge is VND 158 million, of which Vietnam Foundation is contributing VND 110 million (approximately AUD 6,600), the local authorities and people the remainder.

To allow proper alignment of the new bridge with the existing road, a local peasant donates some land for use in the approach to the bridge.

Construction work started straight after the ground-breaking ceremony on 17 November 2018. Present at the ceremony were many joyful locals, who are enthusiastically looking forward to their new bridge, our representative, Prof. Huỳnh Công Hoài as well as Ms Nguyễn Ngọc Mai representing the Đồng Tâm Charity Group, which is managing the bridge construction.

Prof HC Hoài and Ms N N Mai at the ground-breaking ceremony



Starting of bridge construction


The new bridge is scheduled to be completed and opened on 6 January 2019, as a gift for the lunar New Year to the locals.

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