2023 Hue English Language Summer Camp: Transforming Lives

The Hue English Language Summer Camp has wrapped up, and we’re thrilled to share the highlights. 🌟📢.

25 talented students from disadvantaged families, hailing from Le Quy Don (Quang Tri Province) and Quoc Hoc Hue High schools, came together to learn, grow, and shine. 📚🤝.

Thanks to the Vietnam Foundation’s Build a Future (BAF) program and their partnership with the Rotary Club of Saigon, these young minds are getting the support they deserve. This 3-day summer camp supplements the weekly hour of online English practice offered over the preceding six months.

During the camp, students not only improved their English skills but also gained confidence and crucial skills. 🗣️🌍 From making English-language movies to exploring the impact of artificial intelligence, their experiences were nothing short of transformative. 🎥🤖

Dr. Khoa Ho-le, BAF’s Program Director, shared, “Outcomes were excellent! The students’ speaking skills improved significantly, as did their confidence. Next year, we’ll add a career counselling and employability program.” 🚀🌟

Rhys Williams, who has been with the program since inception, added, “Face-to-face camps are critical. Shy students are now confident presenters. Making a movie in your second language is challenging, but all teams did great work to communicate their message.” 🎬🗨️

Next year, BAF will expand scholarships to students in Buon Ma Thuot province, broadening their reach and impact. 🌍

VNF has an ambitious plan to raise substantial funds for a long-term BAF scholarship fund. This money will be invested to provide annual dividends, sustaining a minimum of 30 three-year scholarships.

Through the marvellous generosity of the Navitas Foundation, VNF will complete the development of English & Life Skills programs during 2023-2024, ensuring a cutting-edge program for scholarship recipients. 🌠

Let’s celebrate the work being done, and all the best to the scholarship recipients! 🇻🇳🌏

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